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  • What is the difference between Great Lengths and other hair extensions?
Great Lengths is all natural, European hair.  It is the highest quality of hair on the market today!  Other hair extensions can be synthetic or animal hair, aka "yak hair."  Some extensions can be human hair, but the cuticle is not going in the same direction, thus leading to many tangles, and a more coarse texture of hair.  Great Lengths hair is very similar to North American women's hair, thus providing a more natural look.
  • How long will Great Lengths last?
Properly cared for, Great Lengths will typically last anywhere from three to seven months.
  • How are Great Lengths applied?
 Great Lengths is based on a gentle principle; modulating. It was created to be an extremely high-tech method of bonding between the Great Lengths strand and your own hair. This point of attachment is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. It is activated by our Great Lengths applicator and bonds the Great Lengths strand with your own hair in this way. An expert can, however, easily remove it! Most important of all: your own hair is not damaged. This patented attachment of Great Lengths to your own hair offers you perfect freedom in organizing your leisure time and in your freedom of action but in no way compromises the quality of your own hair!
  • What type of hair is used?
Great Lengths uses 100% human hair.  That's it!
  • Can I style my hair as usual?
Yes!  You can blow it dry as usual and use a curling iron, flat iron, hot rollers, or most any other styling tool on them without fear of damaging your Great Lengths hair.  You will have freedom to change the mood of hair daily. 
  • Can I change my hair color after I get Great Lengths?
In most cases it is possible to get color, highlights, perms and updo's!
  • How durable are Great Lengths?
If properly cared for, Great Lengths are very durable.  You should consult your Great Lengths technician before trying anything that has not already been covered during your consultation.
  • How long does the application process take?
Application usually takes about 8 hours.  This can be broken up into two or three sessions if need be to fit your schedule and lifestyle.
  • What kind of maintenance is involved?
The maintenance is very quick and easy and does not require visiting the salon often.  Many clients won't come back until they are ready to have their hair removed!  You will learn how to care for your new hair during your consultation and the at home care takes no more than five minutes a day. 
  • Who can get Great Lengths?
Almost anyone is a good candidate for Great Lengths.  However, some prescriptions or diseases can affect the hair's durability and so a consultation is required for all new clients.
  • What is the first step I take to get Great Lengths?
Call or e-mail Hillary to set up a consultation.  This appointment usually lasts about 30 minutes.
  • How much will Great Lengths cost?
Due to the many factors that are figured into the price, such as length, volume and color, the price can vary greatly from client to client.  This is why a consultation is so important.  There is a small fee for the consultation, but when a deposit is made the consultation fee is subtracted from the total price. 

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photography by Kelli Hindman, 214-533-4078
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photography by Kelli Hindman, 214-533-4078
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